How often do I need to use Solar Oil?

Use Solar Oil once daily minimum. I would recommend before bed, that way the oil and the contained vitamins have the chance to soak in over night.

How much Solar Oil do I need to put on?

Just as little as the containing brush holds. By rubbing it into your cuticles and nails will result flexibility for your nail enhancements and keeps cuticles soft, smooth and healthy.

I want to use nail polish on my enhancements sometimes, can I and how?

Of course you can! Nail enhancements normally make the applied enamel look even more perfect, and beautiful as well as much longer lasting. However, always apply a good quality base coat before painting the colour on, to avoid discolouration of your nails.

How can I remove nail polish from my acrylic nails?

Always use good quality acetone free nail polish remover to remove the enamel as acetone damages acrylic. You can pick up really good quality polish remover in any good health and beauty stores.

Can I go gardening when I have acrylic or gel nail enhancements?

Absolutely, however, make sure you always wear rubber gloves!! It will save your nails from breaking and getting dirt underneath, which could lead to infections as well as keep your hands and skin soft and beautiful.

If dirt gets under my nails, how can I remove it?

It is very important to keep hands and nails clean always, as neglect could lead to nail infections. The best way to do this by give them a good scrub with a little nail brush, when washing your hands. You can keep it by the soap on the sink in the bathroom and always have a go when necessary, but definitely once a day. These little brushes are very useful. You can find them in all good supermarkets and health and beauty stores.

I am a nail biter, have been biting them since I was a little girl. My nails look really bad now and am embarrassed showing my hands. What could be done to make them look nicer again?

Unfortunately it is a very common, sometimes nerves related stress habit. People do it without being conscious of it. Normally after trying all kinds of solutions, such as special nail varnishes, clients come to realise they need special treatment in the from of a full set of acrylics or gel nails. This way they get some length of their nails, that gives them an immediate result of prettier looks, which gives back the lost confidence. It also prevent them biting nails again, as acrylics or gels are much harder than natural nails, and does not taste very nice either, as well as feeling sorry for ruining the newly done lovely nails.

After a longer period of time using shellac on my nails I noticed they get bit brittle and dry. What’s best to do to avoid this?

Many ladies I had so far had come across with this problem sooner or later as continuously using shellac on their natural nails over a longer period. This is a side effect of soaking off the product with acetone regularly, every two to three weekly. The best to do in this case is to have a break for couple of weeks from applying shellac to let your natural nails recover from the constant dehydration. In the mean time it is worth considering to have a deep rehydrating manicure time to time and moisturize lots and use Solar Oil.




Top Tips

As a nail technician I come across with some problems such as lifting, chipping, fading or breaking. These could be the result of inappropriate use or neglect which could have been prevented to help your nail enhancements last and stay looking beautiful. I arranged some easy to follow advice, that might be helpful to keep your nails beautiful all the way till the next appointment just like on the first day you had them done.

The Ten Commands of Having Beautiful Nails

  1. I probably cannot say it enough to my ladies how important it is to wear rubber gloves at all times, when doing house work and use cleaning products. Everyone makes the mistake of forgetting them, which happens all the time, but it is not just keeping your new enhancements beautiful it is also keeping your natural nails and skin beautiful too, as well as protects them from harsh chemicals these products contain.
  2. Moisturise, Moisurise, Moisturise!! Use Solar Oil and hand lotion every day. Especially important to do this in the winter when the cold weather dries the skin. Moisturising will keep your enhancements flexible, prolong their life, and deeply hydrates cuticles and keeps your skin smooth, protected from harsh weather conditions to help your hands stay looking ever young.
  3. Ladies, it is an old, bad habit of ours to use our nails as tools, such as screwdrivers. Car doors, door handles and switches etc. can also break nails. Always avoid pulling backwards against your nail tips which could break your nails, or cause injury of the nail bed.
  4. Never bite or pick your nail enhancements, this could cause breaking or lifting of your nail enhancements and lead to damaging the natural nail surface.
  5. If your nail enhancement start to lift try not to pull or pick, but book an appointment for a quick repair.
  6. It is very important to clean beneath the nail tips at least once a day, as neglect could cause nail infections. The best way to do this, by brushing them with a little nail brush, when washing your hands. You can keep it by the soap dispenser on the sink in the bathroom ready to be used when necessary.
  7. Always use acetone free nail polish remover, when removing enamel from enhancements. You can find these in any good quality health and beauty stores.
  8. When you decide to remove your nail enhancements always book an appointment with your nail technician, who will safely do it for you by taking care not to damage your natural nail surface underneath.
  9. For ladies who have not had nail enhancements before, it may take couple of days to get used to them and using your hands differently, but when you do, they feel as they were your own natural nails.
  10. Last but not least, it is vital to book appointments regularly for rebalance. It is one of the key ingredients to have your nails look always at their best. This could be done every 2,3 or even 4 weekly – I even have ladies come 5 weekly with their gel extensions. This will depend on your personal needs and preferences and your nails’ wearability.