About Katie

I am fully qualified with Creative Nail Design and insured by Babtac, with many many years of experience working as a nail therapist. During this period I have met many different people with different needs and problems, that formed my skills and opinion about nails and their beauty experience. My philosophy is to provide outstanding, old-school style customer care, by dedicating time for clients listening to their and understanding their personal needs and problems.

I believe that each person is different, therefore, requires unique approach to suit their personality and lifestyle. This helped me developing ladies confidence in their ability to have gorgeous, long lasting nails and beautiful hands, as well as, forming friendships with some of them over the years. This is the reason why I use a carefully selected range of products, only the best available in the nail industry today. Some of these include  IBD Gel Systems, CND and Orly polishes and the ever popular CND Shellac gel polish in a wide selection of colours, which has been my ladies favourite since it had arrived.
I also use a range of products selected for natural nails, including Nailtiques deep hydrating nail therapy for  regaining strength  and moisture in natural nails especially following the removal of acrylic or gel nail extensions or even when taking a break from Shellac. Nailtiques, along with Shellac and Orly polishes promote and help to achieve long lasting beautiful manicures and ensure the high quality performance and natural, flawless looking nails every time.

If you would like to find out more about the products or services I offer, please get in touch, I would be happy to help. Appointments are available from Thursdays to Saturdays from 9.15 am till 5 pm, Fridays I also offer evening appointments from 6 pm onward. I am often with clients so cannot answer the calls but you are always welcome to leave a message or send a text or email and will get back to you as soon as I can.

About The Products

Creative Nail Designs

CND is one of the leading brand in the nail industry, hence the dedication to excellence through continuous investment in scientific research and development of the carefully tested products, that reach ladies worldwide. Since 1979, CND has developed pioneering professional products and services that ensure the promise and possibility of beautiful hands and feet. This commitment to high performance has earned Creative the honour of the exclusive right to collaborate with the top designers on runways around the World.

“Special occasions or for your own indulgence, finger and toe nails are fashion! The perfect accessory to an outfit!” With a big selection of colours and solutions, you can find the look you wish for.

Shellac, Shellac, Shellac…

I, at Nails by Katie, have been using Shellac, the revolutionary hybrid UV technology, that combines the ease of nail polish with the strength of UV gel which ensures a non-chipping, long lasting glossy finish.
Shellac featuring easy application that leaves you more of your precious time; even the removal takes only 10 minutes and leaving your natural nails in perfect condition. Application does not involve any filing of the natural nail surface so no damage being done by harsh buffing process! Shellac is UV cured, which results zero dry-time and it is not only thin and flexible, which guaranties you a perfect natural look, it also gives strong protection to your natural nails – no more weak, braking nails!

Shellac is available on natural nails with manicure and pedicure and with acrylic or gel nail extensions in a wide range of irresistible colours and French. Please ask for details.


Nailtiques is a unique product range that promotes natural nail growth, strength and moisture retention to keep the nail’s flexibility and thus achieve long and strong nails. Dehydrated skin and nails are a common problem today as a result of our hectic lifestyles and environment. Due to this our nails and skin suffer from the elements as well as everyday life at home and work and could develop nail and skin problems. These could be breaking and peeling nails and dry, itchy skin. Nailtiques uses different combinations of protein and moisturisers and its therapeutic nail treatment formulas were specially designed to eliminate and treat these problems and give an outstanding solution. Nailtiques creams are a vital source for healthy skin and nails, the unique formulas provide complete nourishment and maintain a healthy foundation for long, strong nails and beautiful skin.
Nailtiques formulas are perfect solution to teat weak, dehydrated nails after artificial nail enhancements or today’s big favourite, gel polishes. It is also perfect to use in the winter and in the colder seasons when the weather causing damage to our skin and nails the most.

After a thorough check by Katie the decision of the most suitable Nailtiques formula the relaxing treatment itself will follow. This combines with a luxury paraffin treatment will give you a highly relaxing experience and leave your skin and nails deeply hydrated and wonderfully smooth.

For prices and further details on the above services please see the price list or contact Katie either by telephone or y email.